Artist Statement

I print because I became fascinated with printing when I was 12

and hand printed a face after borrowing oil paint and glass

from my parents, who were artists.

Art materials were always around. 


Much later, when I worked on portraits on Jackson Square, (charcoal and 

pastels) I realized how much I missed that first sensation of printing.


The first mono print I did led me to want to try different types

of printing such as etching, lithography, woodcut and linoleum cut, too.

I came to Baltimore and studied under master printer John Sparks

at the Maryland Institute College of Art and learned these other types of 

printing, which made me want to get my own printing press

that I now have in my studio on Baltimore Street.


Most recently I have been experimenting with water based ink for

my mono prints and staying with oil based printing ink with my etchings.

I keep editions small.


I love the surprise printing gives one; you never know how the print

will turn out! Hundreds of pounds of pressure are put on the line

if you are etching or mono printing with a press.

I still handprint when creating a woodcut or linoleum cut.


I am interested in the human condition and how we react to those and other

things around us, and this is why I print.